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'A real page turner.'

The millionaire, the rookie cop, the psycho...

Richard Kane killed his father at seventeen and got away with it. Now he’s a millionaire with a wife and a beautiful country house, but he’s in deep financial  trouble. He needs cash fast and the best way get it, is to fake a robbery at his home. Only trouble is, he’s asked the wrong crooks and offended a rookie cop called Kitty Lockwood. If he’d only held his temper and kept his mouth shut, the apocalypse that followed would never have happened.

With echoes of the crime novels of Ann Cleeves, Reginald Hill, LJ Ross and Ruth Rendell,  ‘Cars Just Want To Be Rust’ is a story of greed, trust and the skewered logic of a psychopath.  The first novel in the acclaimed Kitty Lockwood crime mystery series. 

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'Found this hugely enjoyable, gripping read from start to finish - already excited to read the next Lockwood thriller.'

Alex W

'It's an absolutely riveting read, a proper crime thriller that kept me absorbed from first page to last.'


S.J Anderson 

'I'm loving Tony's writing. The attention to detail, the nuances of human relationships - the chapters where you're going "Nooooo! Don't GO there" - a real page-turner.'

Katherine Wildman

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