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'A superb, compelling thriller. Loved it.'

How far can you run to escape yourself?

When a school teacher finds the body of a Afghan veteran hanging in a forest, only DCI Kitty Lockwood believes it’s murder. As the teacher’s life spins out of control, he escapes with a schoolgirl and heads for the Italian/French border. Plagued by her own demons, Kitty goes in pursuit. But the schoolgirl’s family have dark ties to the Corsican mafia. As time closes in, Kitty races to untangle the mystery of the soldier’s death and save the girl. But has the hunter already become the hunted?


With echoes of the crime novels of Ann Cleeves, Reginald Hill, L J Ross and Ruth Rendell, The Footsteps of the Hunter is a powerful tale of personal demons, betrayal and lies. The third novel in the acclaimed Kitty Lockwood crime thriller series. 

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