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'An exceptionally good writer...'

Can the rich get away with murder?

A crazed assailant decapitates a businessman in a hotel. A rich patron of the arts is attacked as she lies by her swimming pool. But are the two crimes connected? Newly appointed Detective Sergeant Kitty Lockwood steps in to solve a presumed case of jealousy. Though things are not as they seem...When an arrest is made Kitty’s boss is sure that it’s case closed, but Kitty isn’t convinced, and she delves into the suffocating opulence of the art elite hoping to pull out answers. Lips stay sealed amongst the affluent and soon her own daughter’s life becomes implicated. As the gravity of the situation shifts, Kitty finds herself fighting an uphill battle to save all that is dear to her. Will she crack beneath the pressure? Someone lurking in the shadows will stop at nothing to turn the odds against her and he's armed with a samurai sword.

With echoes of the crime novels of Ann Cleeves, Reginald Hill, LJ Ross and Ruth Rendell,  ‘Luxury of Murder’ is a story of secrets, loyalty and the power of the elite. The second novel in the acclaimed Kitty Lockwood crime thriller series. 

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'By the bottom of the fist page I knew I had found an exceptionally good writer. This is a real page turner.'

John Simon

'A bloody good and wonderfully written tale! Tried to read as slowly as I could, to make it last as long as possible. Can't wait to read more.'


'This is a cracking good read, even better than Glover's first Kitty Lockwood book. I think we have a new genre on our hands, Northumberland noir' 


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